Postman alternative API's test tool.

Alternative to Postman?


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Postman alternative API's test tool.

Is it really Thunder Client will be an Alternative to Postman?

Where this helps me soo much to test my API without opening other applications, A one-stop solution for developing API, of course, it’s a lightweight one!

Let’s get started!

Open your VSCode IDE, then type in the extenstion section Thunder Client



Make sure, you install it first before we go for cracking. After we install the Thunder Client head to your sidebar where the Thunder Client logo is visible(refer to screenshot, I rounder in Thunder Client icon), then hit the New Request

After that, head to the TextBar, use what you want.

  • POST
  • GET
  • PUT
  • HEAD

Sample API's JSON :


Nice! you will receive the response and other configurations. You can do such a thing as creating A Test Request and Response, in Test Section. Just do what you with your testing.


This article is some reference and introduction about Thunder Client, some of you might still use Postman, and it’s worth trying if you use VSCode as a development IDE. For me, it helps a lot since I don't like to open many applications while Developing at the same time.

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